Who Is A Sindhi

Who Is A Sindhi

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

Sindhis, wherever they are, are Sindhis.

Sindhis, in whichever place they are, are Sindhis.

Sindhis, in whichever country they reside, are Sindhis

Sindhis, whatever may be their business, wherever they earn are Sindhis.

Sindhis may be citizens of any country, be holders of the passport of any country, are Sindhis. Sindhis, whatever they eat, whichever language they speak, are Sindhis.


All those who are born in Sindh, are Sindhis.

All those who have migrated from Sindh, are Sindhis

All those who have taken birth in a Sindhi home, are Sindhis.

All those who are heir to the ancient Sindhu civilization of Mohen-jo-Daro, are Sindhis.

All those who consider themselves Sindhis, are Sindhis.

All those who are considered by others as Sindhis, are Sindhis.

The progeny of a lion is deemed to be called a lion and will be considered so. Even if the lion changes its habitat, it will remain a lion.

Considering oneself a Sindhi means considering oneself heir to ancient Sindhu civilization, to the Indian heritage and to the World citizenship. For this reason, considering oneself a Sindhi, should be a matter of pride and not of shame.

Come let us understand this ourselves and also make the young generation understand and accept it.

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