Kahaniyun A. J. Uttam Jun - Audio Cassette/Audio CD


Audio Cassette / Audio CD

Sindhi Stories by Progressive writer Late Shri. A. J. Uttam
To know more about our great writer, visit his website at: www.sundriuttam.com

Download the Tracks: MP3 Format

  • Introduction [MP3 Format, Size: 245 KB]      |    (Click to download)
  • Hoo Jehan Hi Manu [MP3 Format, Size: 5,102 KB]      |    (Click to download)
  • Nathi a Ji Talash [MP3 Format, Size: 2,576 KB]       |    (Click to download)
  • Raja [MP3 Format, Size: 3,280 KB]      |    (Click to download)
  • Phakar Phar [MP3 Format, Size: 2,518 KB]      |    (Click to download)
  • Khusbudar Gul [MP3 Format, Size: 2,581 KB]     |    (Click to download)

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