Aims, Goals & Mission Statement


Sindhi Sangat is a non-profit organization of repute registered in Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2000 to create awareness of and to promote Sindhi language, culture and heritage.

In absence of a Sindhi state, our community is widely scattered. It is our endeavor to create a virtual bond amongst stateless Sindhi community and to unite them the virtual platform of the internet and media. Our activities include TV Productions, Music Videos, Webcasts, Sindhi Learning Programs and related applications for Computers, Mobiles and on the Internet.

Some Notable Activities Of Sindhi Sangat:

Sindhi Cultural Events

To make the community fully aware of their rich culture and diverse heritage, Sindhi Sangat has been organizing events in Dubai for over 16 years.

DD Sindhi - 24 Hour Sindhi TV Channel

In recognition of the importance of Visual Media, Sindhi Sangat has made undying efforts for a 24-hour DD Sindhi Channel from the Government of India.

Sindhi Telefilms And Music Videos

Sindhi Sangat has been produced over 250 Sindhi TV programs in various genres like comedy, drama, thrillers, suspense, romantic, emotional etc.

Internet & Social Media Presence

Keeping in tune with current trends, Sindhi Sangat explores every internet media channel like YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to reach out to scattered Sindhi community.

Sindhi Saathi

www.sindhisaathi.org Sindhi Saathi is a unique initiative to bring Sindhis together on a common Internet platform.

Audio Books

For those on the run, or who can not read Sindhi, Sindhi Sangat has produced over 200 stories, plays and poems in audio format, available for free download from their website.

Sindhi Learning & Educational Projects

Sindhi thro Edutainment
In collaboration with Sindhi Schools, we are promoting “Kids Speak Sindhi” through Nursery Rhymes & animated stories in Sindhi, having produced Panchtantra stories in Sindhi and Nursery Rhymes.
Sindhi Competitions
Organized to involve the Sindhi kids & parents. Recent International competition of Nursery Rhymes recitation receive overwhelming response with 20 winners awarded IPad mini tablets and Certificates of appreciation for all participants.
Sindhi Idioms & Proverbs
Sindhi idioms and proverbs with examples and meanings in audio/video format is our latest addition in effort to preserve the jewels of extraordinarily rich and proud Sindhi literature.
Learn Sindhi – Mobile App
Anyone can learn Sindhi on mobile, while free or traveling in quick, easy and interesting way. Download free app from APP Store.
Online Learning Of Sindhi
www.learnsindhi.com is a platform designed with help of educationists, teachers and learning institutions for learning Sindhi on the internet. We plan to make this a fully-fledged program for "Online Learning of Sindhi".
“Lets Learn Sindhi” CD ROM
A user friendly, computer based Sindhi Learning Program "Lets Learn Sindhi" in cooperation with the ‘Indian Institute of Sindhology’ is a unique Sindhi Learning CD Rom, available for free download from our website www.sindhisangat.com

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