What is the Reason

What is the Reason

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

As per statistics, there are around 2-3 national dailies, 10-12 local dailies, 15-20 weekly newspapers and around the same number of monthly and annual publications in Sindhi in India, and majority of these spread the message of 'write in Sindhi, read in Sindhi circulated from one corner of the country to the other and speak in Sindhi.'

Education and entertainment fairs, seminars, meetings, gatherings, and numerous other such programs are organized not only on the occasion of the new year i.e. Cheti Chand, but all throughout the year, to promote the Sindhi language.

Moreover, almost every city and town in the country has institutes and organiztions which emphasize on the importance and use of the language. Apart from this, around 150 books written in Sindhi are being published every year and also being read by people. In spite of all this, if one personally talks to any Sindhi about the plight of the language or the culture, he will come out with the opinion that the condition of our culture is deteriorating...... the language is facing its end........

The concern which is of much concern is that in spite of the publication of so many books, a large number of newspapers and the presence of institutes, why is the utility and importance of the Sindhi language declining.

There could be two reasons for this:

  • Firstly, those individuals or organizations which make tall claims about the development of the Sindhi language, are just paying lip service to it i.e. none of their efforts are being materialized because they are just considering it as part of some advertising campaign!! Secondly, somewhere within us, we have been convinced of the fact that the language cannot be raised to the expected level. And we are so narrow minded that we’re not ready for any revolutionary changes; just as a person suffering from some disease loses all hope of recovery and it is precisely because of this feeling that no medicine does him any good.
  • Whatever be the case, we will have to find the cause. If we talk about the promotion of the Sindhi language and yet not have the faith, we will have to find some other way out. If we do not believe in what we preach and also do not practice what we preach and believe, no reforms can be possible. We, therefore, need to shed our suspicions and disbeliefs and start afresh, so that we can evaluate the circumstances on the basis of the reality around us.

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