The World Will Live Even When We Are No More

The World Will Live Even When We Are No More

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

"Sindhology" is doing a lot of good work. You are working so hard for which credit must go to you but..... after "you" what?"

So many of our friends and well wishers express these views after learning about the activities of Indian Institute of Sindhology. Here the word "you" means Lakhmi Khilani, Satish Rohra and Pritam Varyani.

We feel sorry and happy when our friends express their feelings in these words. We feel sorry because our friends consider us already lost. True that we are not very young but at the same time we are not so old as to consider ourselves almost at the funeral pyre. Considering the fact that in these days one can lead a healthy and active life till the age of 70-75 years, Satish Rohra and Pritam Varyani have about ten years of active life ahead and Lakhmi Khilani about 15-20 years. So what useful purpose is it going to serve to create a feeling of "not being” in us instead of "being"?

We feel unhappy because our own friends try to make us feel that we three are the SINDHOLOGY and after us, there will be the proverbial "deluge." Here I am reminded of a fable. They say that the Sun god got worried about the plight of the earth after it was time for it to set after having filled the earth with its shine and brightness for the whole day. He felt that the whole earth will sink into darkness which he did not like. So he started making frantic enquiries with other gods if any one of them could take the onerous responsibility; but none was prepared to oblige. At last it was a small lamp ("Diya") who said "Sir, to the best of my ability, I will provide light to the earth." The Sun god felt relieved on hearing these words, and today we see that after the sunset the light exists in myriad forms.

The story of Sindhology is much more optimistic and hopeful.

In the year 1986, Lakhmi Khilani left Calcutta and came to Gandhidham with the seed of Sindhology. In the year 1989, Pritam Varyani left Pune and joined him. So from one they became two. Sindhology's office started. In December 1990, Satish Rohra left Delhi. to join them. Due thus became a trio. Thus activities of Sindhology got a filip. In the year 1994, Tolo Virwani and in 1995, Hari Meraney and Sahib Bhijani made good bye Delhi, came to Adipur and joined Sindhology.

All these members of Sindhology Family have come from outside Gandhidham but those who belong to Gandhidham and Adipur are many more. Among those are elderly social workers, like Sugnaram Ladkani, Nirmal Vaswani and Parsaram Varandani, educationsits like H.K Kripalani, Ramesh Luhana, Bhagtani and Lalwani, and well educated, committed and dedicated girls like Veena Israni, Vimmi Sadaragani. All of them are honorary workers devoting their time and energy out of love for Sindhology and its activities. But those who work and receive token payments just to meet their personal needs are many more. That way, we have about forty members in SINDHOLOGY family at Adipur. This is the information about the members of Sindhology Family at Adipur, Gandhidham. Besides, we have many friends at places like Ahmedabad, Bombay, Indore, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta etc. who work for Sindhology. Still our friends ask us this question as to "what after us?" We have been saying all along and we reiterate that Indian Institute of Sindhology is not just a local organisation. It is an international movement to further the cause of Sindhi Culture. It is a "Carvan". In the course of its march, if one drops out of, two will join and thus the march will keep on and on and on.. We have no doubt in our minds that even after us Sindhology will remain bright... brighter every day.....

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