The Law of Nature

The Law of Nature

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, which means that an object moves from its position depending upon the pressure exerted on it. In other words, the level from which water falls down, it will try to rise up to the same level, with equal force. This law of nature sometimes holds true for our social lives too. The more a person is kept away from an activity, the greater will be his desire to indulge in it. One can talk about the Sindhi language and culture too in the same context.

Since there isn't any attempt to promote the Sindhi language and Sindhi culture in India, there aren't any positive measures being taken for its upliftment. As against this, the Sindhi speaking community living in foreign countries feels that there is a serious threat to their mother tongue as they are surrounded by other foreign languages / culture and therefore they need to be alert. This enthusiasm and zest towards the promotion of our language and culture in them, has come about only due to the fear of the culture being under serious threat.

Consequently, seminars, meetings, cultural programs, discussions, fairs, etc., are being organized on a vey large scale in various countries. It is quite possible that this feeling of protection and enrichment of the Sindhi language starts on the other side of our boundary and then gets activated in our own nation!! It is a time tested fact that social transformation has been brought about by revolutionaries initially in foreign countries and then in India. Just as was the case of Swami Vivekananda and his new wave of Hindusim, which started in Chicago and later on was spread to India. And very rcently, the significance of 'yoga' has taken major hold over the Indian minds, only after its acceptance in America and other nations.

Therefore, though it may sound absurd, once if the movement towards the promotion of Sindhi culture starts in America, Sindhis in India will automatically follow it and ultimately the movement will gain momentum.

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