Lingual Inertia

Lingual Inertia

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

Many people these days suffer from a serious disease called 'depression.' It does not have any external symptoms like body ache etc., but the person suffering form it, becomes inert or immobile. Depression is the disorder of the mind. Due to some unknown reasons, the mind gets affected initially and the body gets inert later. This inertia keeps on swinging between the body and the mind, affecting both of them adversely. There is no cure for this illness. To get rid of this immobility of the body and mind, some sort of mental shock therapy is needed, otherwise this inertia of the mind transforms the person into a living corpse.

Like individuals, sometimes the society too suffers from such fits of inertia which make it insensitive to external stimulus. With reference to the Sindhi society / community, it seems apparent that it is passing through this phase of inertia as far as the Sindhi language is concerned. Many of the Sindhi medium schools functioning in the nation have been closed down and the number of students in the schools that are still functioning has been reduced to a large extent. To add to it, college education does not have a Provision for the students to offer Sindhi as a subject. In addition, parents are not in the habit of talking to their children in Sindhi; buying and reading Sindhi books is a thing of the past and to add to this the members of the young generation feel ashamed of being identified as Sindhis in the society.

The bone of contention is that the Sindhi society is not at all affected by such threats being posed on it by the modern age. This lingual inertia has become a part and parcel of our living to such an extent, that we are hardly moved by such insults being heaped upon our language and literature.
Only a greater blow to the self respect of the language and the community at large will, shake us off from this inertia and make us aware of the immense value of our heritage, art, culture and language.

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