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Jhalak Sindhyat Jee

A Grand Evening of Sindhi Music, Dance and Comedy

Cast: Jatin Udasi | Shazia Khushk | Ashok Sundrani | Kamlesh Dayalani
Concept & ideas by Asha Chand

23rd November 2018
At Shaikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai

Contact for Sponsorship +971 50 4506739

Press Release

Folkloric program for Sindhis

Fun filled evening with Sindhi music, dance and comedy

Asha Chand's 19th annual entertainment programme for the UAE Sindhi community will be staged on 23rd November 2018 at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium in Dubai. Titled "Jhalak Sindhyat Jee", the program will feature folkloric music, dance performances and stand-up comedy. 

Says Asha, “Jhalak Sindhyat Jee” literally means 'Glimpses of Sindhi Culture'. True to its name, the program will offer delightful peeks into the rich culture through a fun tapestry of music, song, dance and contemporary comedy.

 "Well known artists from India, Sindh and UAE will converge in Dubai including the famed youthful talented singer and composer Jatin Udasi.  Udasi's powerful stirring voice will enthrall the audience while Shazia Khusk, a popular folk singer from Sindh will present an array of folk inspired songs tweaked with modern beats. Leading Hasya Kavi and standup comedian Ashok Sundrani will provide the audience a flavor of Sindhi comedy. Several dance performances will provide nonstop entertainment for the audience." Asha’s shows have the remarkable quality of creating spontaneous unity amongst people who share the same cultural identity. Says Asha Chand “Culture adds colour, richness and meaning in our lives. It is our responsibility to preserve our age old traditions in an increasingly globalised world.” 

About Asha Chand & Sindhi Sangat

Asha Chand is well known amongst the Sindhi Community in the UAE for her passionate activities to preserve the Sindhi Culture and Language.

Chand is a founding member of Sindhi Sangat, Mumbai a growing online community dedicated to the promotion of the age old language Sindhi that hails from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Apart from organizing Sindhi cultural events, producing Sindhi telefilms and other videos, Sindhi Sangat is in close touch with the Sindhi community through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, Sindhi Sangat has launched a mobile App “Learn Sindhi”. It is available for free downloading. An advance version is available on separate dedicated website www.LearnSindhi.com

SindhiSangat has been hosting successful “International Nursery Rhymes online competitions” for Sindhi children for past three years.

An online platform for Sindhi Learning is one of the projects in the pipeline. Contact: 050 450 6739 / 04 351 8422.

www.SindhiSangat.com , Email:info@SindhiSangat.com

Tickets to the upcoming show are by invitation only.

For Invitations please call 055 453 1178.

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