Inaam - Sindhi Play

Event Info

Sindhi Drama



Emirates Auditorium Hotel Crowne Plaza, Dubai

On: 23rd January 2003 Thursday


Sindhu Kala Mandir (Mumbai)

Directed by: S. P. Menghani



Co Sponsors

  • Al Maya Lals
  • Arkays
  • Dhamani Jewels
  • T.Choithram & Sons
  • Gulf Technical & Comm Printing Press
  • Richmond Hotel Appts.
  • 106.2 Hum Fm
  • Al Khaleej Times

Report in English

Sindhi Dramas in Dubai Report By Mohan Gehani

Dubai Sindhis were delighted to a cultural feast continuously for 2 days i.e. January 23rd and 24th by witnessing two Sindhi plays at Emirates auditorium at hotel Crowne Plaza. At the invitation of Asha Chand, the artists of Sindhu Kala Mandir (Mumbai) staged ‘Inaam’ on 23rd and Mummy Retire thi Kare’ on 24th Jan 03. The plays were directed by Doyen of Sindhi Stage Shri S.P. Menghani.

Inaam revolves around the idea of managed awards. In a hilarious manner it was brought out the matter of obtaining awards, has degenerated into business and an award as reward of recognition could be bought and sold like any other commodity.

‘Mummy retire thi kare’ is a powerful script translated from original Marathi by veteran Sindhi writer Mrs. Sundri Uttamchandani, who has faithfully conveyed the central idea of the play that woman is exploited as an unpaid worker under various tags of relationships. This play is product of woman’s Lib movement and is very successful in its purpose. This play was staged in Hindi in Dubai. Mrs. Jaya Bachan had played lead role in it. Many among audience who had seen the Hindi play commented that Sindhi artists could well compare with artists of Hindi play. The roles enacted by Srichand Makhija and Reshma Moolchandani will linger in the mind for quite some time.

In Mumbai the number of Sindhi speaking people is fast diminishing therefore Mr.S. P. Menghani, a septuagenarian and Srichand Makhija have to travel to Ulhasnagar every weekend to conduct the rehearsals of the play. All the artists are amateurs and snatch out time for their various vocations and devote to Sindhi theatre. The efforts are indeed commendable and deserve to be appreciated.

Proceeds from this event will be utilized towards the promotion of Sindhi Language and Literature and Culture.

Main Sponsor of the event was Century Mall. Co-sponsors were Al Maya Lals, Arkays, Dhamani Jewels, T. Choithram and sons. Official Newspaper Khaleej Times, Hum Fm 106.2, Richmond Hotel Appartments and Gulf technical and comm. Printing press.

Other artists besides Mr. S. P. Menghani and Srichand Makhija, of the play were Reshma Mulchandani, Kumar Khilwani, Julie Tejwani, Jai Hero, Sunil Lekhwani, Naresh Bidichandani, Dinesh Ahuja, Renu Butani, Kajal Mulchandani


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