Culture - For Living Not For Sale

Culture - For Living Not For Sale

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

The word 'culture' is commonly believed to be associated with human behaviour and behaviour means the refinement of the senses.

The culture of any society is built upon the values, qualities, attitude or behaviour of its people. So, up to a certain extent, one can say that culture is the life style of that society or community. Generally people are under the impression that music, dance, drama and fine arts constitute culture. But in reality all these arts are not only what culture is made up of, on the contrary they are mere tools of exhibiting culture. All such arts are a measuring rod of the richness of the culture of a society, in the absence of which they would remain just a means of entertainment or as a mirror to the changing trends of society.

This is the era of utilitarianism and we are under the strong hold of vulgar exhibitionism and commercialisation. So that not only are the products and servuces commercialized, but thoughts, ideas and beliefs have also been reduced to being commodities for sale. Under such circumstances, Sindhi culture too has become a saleable item for many people, who try to attract the masses through big banners for their own vested interests.

Truly speaking, Sindhi culture is not a commodity of trade. It is the epitome of the true Sindhi community, which embodies the ideas, values, routine activities and the beliefs of the community, as a whole.

It should be our whole-hearted endeavoar to create a feeling of respect towards our mother tongue, our literature, our thoughts and our land. And this will happen only when we stop considering it a language of the rural areas or that of the uneducated. There should be an urge within our hearts, for knowing more about our past heritage and our rich culture. Let us take the initiative of injecting feeling of pride and honour towards our culture and pass it one to the new generation, so that they are not ashamed to be known as "Sindhis" in front of the world.

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