Aandhi-a Mein Jot Jagain Wara Sindhi

Aandhi-a Mein Jot Jagain Wara Sindhi... an audio CD

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Aandhi-a Mein Jot Jagain Wara Sindhi


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Most of us have heard the Sindhi Tarano "Aandhi-a mein jot .." sung at various Sindhi programmes in India and abroad. This inspiring song, penned by Dr. Moti Prakash with music composed by famous Music Director Shri. Bulo C. Rani was first sung in 1961. We give below the English Translation by the poet as well as brief history and write up about the song.

Sindhi Sangat and Akhil Bharat Sindh Boli Sahit Sabha have jointly produced and released this Music CD. It has 4 tracks.
Track 1- The song (5 mins)
Track 2- The song sing along in Karaoke format
Track 3- About the Song
Track 4- the full song with more music (7mins)

The lyrics in Sindhi and its translation in English are also available below:
Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli and Sahit Sabha had adopted this song as the community song. Any Sindhi Association can approach them for a FREE copy of the CD.

As it is done in many many Sindhi programmes the song can now be played or sung (with music available in karaoke track). The 7 minutes version which has more music, can be used to choreograph dance involving youngsters.

English Translation

Aandhi-a Mein Jot Jagain Wara Sindhi..
By Dr. Moti Prakash

We light a torch in the midst of storm…
We are SINDHIS..
We churn the dust into gold…
We are SINDHIS..

We are inheritors of the legacy of Shah, Sachal and Sami,
In our veins flows the sacred Sindhu river,
We live as kin folks in Maleer,
We live as co-foresters in dense jungles,
We convert the deserts into blooming gardens,
We are SINDHIS..

We hold the world in warm embrace,
We are full of spirit for hard work,
We love everybody in abundance,
We believe in universal brotherhood and fraternity,
We are SINDHIS..

We rise like tall mountains as Mohan Jo Darro,
We endure desolations, tempests, and hardships,
We kiss the garland of gallows like Hemu,
We willingly lay down our lives with a sense of pride,
We are SINDHIS..

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