Tawhan Ta Ahire Ja Ahira - Sindhi Play

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It is a Laugh a minute script, with a deep in built social message The story revolves around the Bank Manager who takes voluntary retirement. As his income reduces his family neglects him. One phone call changes his life.

The Play has been directed by S. P. Menghani, the doyen of Sindhi theatre movement in India. Under his direction and guidance Sindhu Kala Mandir has the distinction of working continuously for 40 years. He has actively contributed to further Sindhi Theatre movement in India.

During this long period they have many achievements to their credit including celebrating the PLATINUM Jubilee of their numerous plays as well as staging over 45 drama festivals under their banner.

The major sponsors of the play are - Parkland Suitings with Lycra by Dupont, Jacky's electronics, Shoe Mart along with 106.2 HUM FM, Air India, Khaleej Times and others.

Synopsis of Play

Tawhan Ta Ahire Ja Ahira

This play is about family values & relations that change as the family grows.

A Bank Manager takes voluntary retirement. As his income reduces, he is neglected by his family. His grandson aged 12 is the only person who cares for him.

It takes one phone call for his life and situation to change. He has been informed that Rs.51 Lacs are due to him as his gratuity pension. Attitudes in house change. Suddenly he is the most wanted man.

But this man decides to donate everything towards social welfare. His wife opposes this move.

The family now wants to split. Elder son wants to live separately. Both the sons want their mother to live with them. Nobody wants the father.

The family gets separated. The parents are ill-treated by their children. How the parents deal with the situation and turn it around making the children realize how much their parents are necessary is what this play is all about. This plot is told in a humorous way and is a laugh with a laughter every minute.

It is adapted from the Marathi Play written by Imtiaz Patel.

In Sindhi - adaption has been done by Vikram Shahani


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