Sindhyat Jee Mauj

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This year Sindhi Sangat brings to Dubai, its 12th Musical show titled "Sindhyat Jee Mauj" a grand evening of Dance and Music by leading artiste of India Girish Sadhwani and Rajiv Sapru from Dubai and incomparable Sanam Marvi from Sindh.

These artistes will enthrall Sindhis of the UAE along with Umesh Pherwani ­ a very popular standup comedy artist from India.

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Sindhyat Jee Mauj
Report in English
Sindhyat Jee Mauj!
- A splendid evening of Sindhi music from Sindh & Hind

As dusk approached Dubai on 12th November, 2010, Sindhis from all over the emirates arrived at Sh. Rashid auditorium for an evening of Sindhi Music, dance and laughter.

As always, the show opened with the inspirational theme song of Sindhis, "Aandhi'a mein Jot" by the performers of the evening, Sanam Marvi, Girish Sadhwani and Rajiv Sapru. These magical Sindhi voices continued to enchant over 1500 people with Sindhi songs and kalaams.

Rajiv Sapru, Dubai's very own singer, a new found voice in the world of Sindhi music, surprised the audience with Ram Punjwani's famous kalaam, "Alaije Cha mein Razi Aa." His cool and lively performance took beautiful turns and twists as he sprinkled bits of classical pieces in it.

Rajiv was followed by the soulful singer from the land of Sufis, Sanam Marvi. Sanam held the attention of all listeners with her song 'Parchan Shal panhwar', her most known music video [originally with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan] available on This voice of Sindh was highly appreciated and the audience was enthralled with many more traditional folk and other songs popular in Hind and Sindh.

Girish Sadhwani, from the live-wire city of Mumbai, brought in a wave of energy. Sindhi children and youngsters performed a lively and colorful dance as he sang Jiye Sindhi Jiye. Girish is the student of Pt. Askaran Sharma and is one of the younger generation Sindhis of India with strong base in classical music.

As the night grew, songs and dances, along with jokes and anecdotes from Umesh Pherwani added to the flavor of the evening. It was hard to believe that Umesh, well known for his standup comedy in English, was making his maiden performance in Sindhi language. Sindhi Sangat feels proud in creating opportunities for Sindhis to showcase their talent. Such performers get greater coverage as their performances are broadcasted on television and made available online for free viewing/downloading on

This show was kindly supported by sponsors like Al Maya Lals, Jacky's Electronics & Promise from Sapil amongst others. Media partners, Zee TV, 106.2 HUM FM. Khaleej Times publicized the event.

Asha Chand, the organizer of this event, does more than simply bringing together Sindhis and promoting Sindhi culture through a yearly Sindhi programme. She believes that the language can be spread by the spoken word and hence insists that only Sindhis may perform, in the hope to inspire them to be true to their culture and language.


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  • Zee TV
  • Hum FM 106.2
  • Khaleej Times
  • Aster
  • Al Fara'a group
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  • Gulf Technical commercial Printing press
  • ITL- Cosmos
  • Jacky's Electronics
  • Jashanmal National
  • Joyrs Restaurant LLC
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  • Manhattan Hotel Dubai
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