Sindhi Drama

Sindhi Drama Baba Maan Shaadi Kandus

On 2nd October 2009 at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai

Have you ever imagined what will happen if marriages were to be banned for a while!

A super-hilarious comedy play, 'BabaMaan Shaadi Kandus' is about widespread crisis created by Government Banon all marriages in an attempt to control the population.

This creates a widespread country widecrisis for most and yet a God given opportunity for some trickyones! Parents run helter skelter trying to find a match for theirdaughters before the ban deadline. Crazy bridgegrooms, worried parents,carefree brides, and greedy inlaws each come up with their unique acts to make most of the circumtances.

For example, will Pritamdas find the ideal match for his daughters intime? Come and meet Prithamdas and his family on Oct 2nd 2009 at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai and find out for yourself! Belts recommended forguarding against uncontollable laughs at each twist and turn in the play. Bottom line: Don't miss this one for the world!!!

In continuation of our ongoing commitment to bring a rich annual Sindhi Programme in Dubai, Sindhi Sangat will be bringing, an outstanding Sindhi Drama, Baba Maan Shaadi Kandus (Papa, I will marry!) to enthrall and entertain the Sindhis of Dubai.

Sindhi Sangat is a registered non profit organization based in Mumbai and Dubai. Shri Murij Manghnani head of ITL Cosmos Group is the NGOs chairman and Shri Ram Jethmalani, eminent jurist Supreme Court of India and Member of Parliament is our Chief Patron.

Having staged a grand evening of Sindhi music, dance and laughter for three consecutive years, it is now time for a Sindhi comedy play. We have invited Sindhu Kalakar Mandal the most well known drama group from Ahmedabad, to stage the 60th show of their most popular drama, Baba Maan Shaadi Kandus and enchant Dubai's Sindhis for the first time.

Our sole aim, purpose and goal is promotion and propagation of Sindhi language, literature and culture.


Indian High School - Dubai:


Event Sponsors:

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Event Co-Sponsors:

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Press Release

22nd Sept 2009

Asha Chand puts on her brand of entertainment for the 10th consecutive year
A rib-tickling comedy play for the Sindhi community
Asha Chand, the well-known events organizer who has been actively promoting the Sindhi language globally is putting on a hilarious comedy for the Sindhi community in Dubai this year. For over a decade, she has hosted annual events for the community and these have received an overwhelming response year after year due to their high entertainment value.

This year, she is bringing a super-hilarious comedy play, 'Baba Maan Shaadi Kandus' being hosted by ‘Sindhu Kalakar Mandal’ the most well known drama group from Ahmedabad. The comedy family drama will be staged on 2nd October at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium in the Indian High School, Dubai.

Asha Chand is all smiles when she talks about the witty play. "Can you imagine what would happen within families if marriages are banned by the government? This year the Sindhi community will be in peals of laughter while viewing 'Baba Maan Shadi Kandus' or 'Father, I will marry' as the play exploits all types of humour including comedy of character, comedy of situation, comedy of dialogue."

The entire story revolves around an imminent government ban on all marriages in an attempt to control the population growth. When news breaks out, it creates a country wide alarm for most parents and stirs widespread panic within families. However, some intelligent characters convert the crisis into an opportunity with a view to making some quick bucks! A funny situation unfolds when parents having children of marriageable age are depicted running helter skelter in their anxious hurry to find a suitable match for their sons and daughters before the ban is enforced. Opportunistic suitors, worried parents, carefree brides and greedy in-laws create a bizarre interplay of contrasting reactions generating loads of laughter

Says Asha: "As objective observers, the audience too begins to identify with some characters and their idiosyncratic behavioral patterns. Most fathers will identify with the protagonist Pritamdas, whose anxiety generates a series of dramatic events creating an irresistible storyline."

Asha is grateful to her three co-sponsors. "As most companies have been recession-hit, this year has been tough for sponsorships, and hence we are grateful to our co-sponsors which aare Al Faraa Group of Companies, Yugoslavian Furniture Company, Al Maya Group, Mohan Jashanmal, Hitachi and West Zone Supermarkets. The idea behind such programmes is to promote Sindhi through entertainment. We have always encouraged various drama groups such as 'Sindhu Kalakar Mandal' to produce and put on new and old Sindhi dramas and this year we are proud to present a family drama packed with humour. We are confident that the Sindhi community will enjoy ‘Baba Maan Shaadi Kandus’ for its excellent direction, humorous plot, witty dialogues, smooth pace and its troupe of competent artistes." To contact Asha Chand please phone 050 - 1545095. For a trailer on the drama, visit

Asha Chand is well known amongst the Sindhi community in Dubai for organizing commendable Sindhi events in Dubai every year for the past decade. She is also famed for her anchoring skills and is a well sought after MC at major global Sindhi functions. As a member of Sindhi Sangat, a non profit organization dedicated to promoting and sustaining the Sindhi language, Asha is actively producing Sindhi Telefilms that are aired on DD India and DD Girnar. She is also known for her impressive self-learning CD "Let’s Learn Sindhi" which was launched in the year 2003.

This press release is issued by Reshma Tahiliani on behalf of Asha Chand. For further editorial information, please write to Reshma.t [at] matrixdubai [dot] com.


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