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DD Sindhi TV channel on Doordarshan Say Yes to DD Sindhi

Attn: The Honorable Minister
Ministry of I & B, New Delhi.
CC. Shri L. K. Advani
CC Shri. Ram Jethmalani

DD Sindhi TV channel on Doordarshan

The partition of India in 1947 uprooted the Sindhis from their homeland. They were forced to migrate to other parts of the country, leaving behind their material wealth and the rich cultural heritage. Overnight, the inheritors of the 5000 yrs old ancient civilization, we, the migrant Sindhis, were paupers, financially and culturally.

By sheer hard work, they overcame all adversities and regained their monetary, educational and social status, but at a very heavy price. They started losing their cultural roots and identity. The Sindhi Language is also fighting a losing battle, especially with the younger generation.

The only hope today is the power of the Television to reverse this trend. Television without doubt is the most powerful media for promoting any language. Currently Doordarshan is transmitting programs in various regional languages (viz DD Marathi, DD Gujarati, DD Oriya etc.) through Satellite TV. Respective State Governments provide the resources for these programs to ensure the promotion of the language.

Unfortunately there is no Sindhi State in India, which can ensure promotion of our beloved language and a DD-Sindhi TV channel as part of it. Sindhi language is enshrined in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution,
Eighth_Schedule_to_the_Constitution .
Hence, the Government of India is duty bound to promote Sindhi language. In the absence of a sponsoring state, even DD-Urdu has been launched directly by the Centre. Sindhi is now the ONLY language in the above Schedule (out of 22 Languages listed in the schedule) which does not have a DD Channel.

Why this step motherly treatment to our dear Sindhi language?

We Sindhis want to promote our language and we want a DD Sindhi TV Channel.

Sindhi became part of 8th Schedule of the constitution in 1967.


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