Preet Na Jaane Reet

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Preet na Jane Reet
Written By: Sundri Uttamchandani
Directed By S.P.

At the Emirates Auditorium, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai
In the month of March 2005

Report in English


By Kamlesh Moorjani

Laughter, it is said, is the cooling system for the head and heating system for the heart, both at the same time! There was plenty of love and laughter in the air during the presentation of a soul-stirring original Sindhi Drama "Preet Na Jane Reet", presented at the Emirates Auditorium, Crowne Plaza Hotel, on the evenings of 24h and 25th March 2005.

"Preet Na Jane Reet" (literary meaning "Love knows no customs") was directed by the outstanding Sindhi Dramatist of the day and the Doyen of Sindhi Dramas Mr. SP Menghani, who has performed widely on the various stages worldwide for past 44 years and achieved high recognition. Pioneer of Sindhi Dramas and founder of Sindhi Kala Mandir, Mr. Menghani had close association with some of the all-time greats of Indian Dramas like Privithvi Raj Kapoor and others. He has directed hundreds of plays –both in Sindhi and Hindi- which have been well received by Sindhi Diaspora across the globe. He has won numerous awards for his various plays. Mr. Menghani is truly a living legend of Sindhi Dramas!

This original play “Preet Na Jane Reet” is written by the prominent Sindhi writer Mrs. Sundri Uttamchandani, who is the recipient of many prestigious awards including Nehru Peace Award from the erstwhile USSR, Sahitya Academy Award and Gaurav Purskar. She is widely recognized as one of the greatest Sindhi writer of all times and is currently in Dubai.

“Preet Na Jane Reet” focuses on the declining values in the modern social life of today and underlines the need for emotional maturity when faced with important issues like love, marriage and social exploitation. The protagonist of the play, an economically underprivileged young teenage girl is shown exploited by an evil social worker, is tossed about the fate till she finally settles down in life with some timely guidance from the family. The writer, Mrs. Sundri Uttamchandani, has poignantly illustrated – with great realism- the protagonist’s helplessness in situations created by the combination of her youthful innocence, exploitation of the economically underprivileged in the society and pressures of acute economic situations in today’s middle class.

The program was presented by Ms. Asha Chand of Sindhi Sangat. Asha has become a darling of the Sindhi Community of Dubai with her unfailing commitment in bringing Sindhi programs of the highest quality to Dubai year after year with tremendous success. Last year, she presented a marvelous Musical show involving Sindhi Artists from Hind & Sindh. Daughter of the two of the greatest literary figures of recent times, Mrs. Sundri Uttamchandani and Shri AJ Uttam, she has committed herself to promotion and propagation of Sindhi language, literature, culture and heritage. She has produced many useful CDs, VCDs and DVDs in this regards, the most notable being "Lets Learn Sindhi" CD-Rom. Not resting with her laurels, she has many-a-project in hand including first ever attempt to bring the famous Panchtantra stories in Sindhi in interactive cartoon format.

During the program held on 24th March, 2 new DVDs produced by Sindhi Sangat were also released by the Chairman of ITL, Mr. Murij Manghnani. The first DVD has interviews and a gist of the lives of the three of the legendary women writers of recent times Mrs. Popati Hiranandani, Mrs. Sundri Uttamchandani and Mrs. Kala Prakash. The second DVD released is live recording of the Musical Show performed by Sindhi Sangat in Dubai last year.

The main sponsors of the program were Al Safeer Group of Companies and Rheem Airconditioners, with many other cosponsors Jumbo electronics, Kingsway Traders, Al Fara Contracting Co., 106.2 Hum Fm, Dhamani Jewls, Al Maya Group, air India, Khaleej Times, Jackys Electronics, Arkays, T. Choithram and Gulf Technical Press and support sponsors, in recognition of wide support for the activities of Sindhi Sangat.

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