Muhinji Shehzadi - New Release of Remix Sindhi Songs

Asha Chand
Sponsored By:
Rajneesh Traders, Dubai

Original Music By:
Bulo C. Rani, C. Arjun & Others
Remix Music By:
Jagdish Lalwani

Goverdhan Bharti, Sunder Kalwani & Others

Lata, Bhaktani, Manjushree Asudani, Ritu Ahuja, Payal Bhatija, Vipin Shewani, Malti Kodwani, Kanta Tinani and Moomal Punjabi

Muhinji Shahzadi - New Audio Remix Album in Sindhi
After the super success of our first Remix Audio Abum "Rano chho Na Murke", we have now produced our second album "Muhinji Shehzadi". It has 8 well known Ladaas(Sindhi Wedding songs) presented differently on dancing remix music.

Grab the new novel Trend. Dance to Sindhi remix Laadas and other songs. Do not limit yourselves to Bollywood songs or Punjabi Remix.
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