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Pyara Sindhi,

We have been receiving emails from Sindhis all over the world for becoming part of Sindhi Sangat and join hands for promoting any Sindhi activity.

We all agree that Sindhi Language will always flourish in Sindh where Sindhis have their own land. In absence of own Land in India the use of Sindhi language is diminishing and the fear of vanishing in India is real, where people don't speak in Sindhi, and at times avoid being called as a Sindhi. We need to come together and jointly try to do whatever possible to keep our mother tongue alive and keep our identity intact. For this matter we have now decided to accept new members as a part of Sindhi Sangat.

Members will be called as 'Sindhi Saathi'
We welcome Indian Sindhis [residing in India or abroad] to join us in our efforts.

I am interested to Join Sindhi Sangat as Sindhi Saathi & to be part of activities for promotion of Sindhi Languge and culture. I speak Sindhi and will always try to speak in Sindhi with Sindhis.

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I shall speak with Sindhis in Sindhi
I shall work for promotion of Sindhi Language and Cultur

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Thank you for becoming Sindhi Saathi. You will receive confirmation by email. Jointly we shall move mountains.

As a Sindhi Saathi

  • You are the best judge to decide how you can promote Sindhi and Sindhyat in your neighborhood.
  • We will welcome suggestions from you, which we will upload on Facebook.
  • Most important - resolve to speak in Sindhi with family members, friends and all Sindhis.
  • Encourage all Sindhis to converse in Sindhi.
  • If you know Sindhi Very well, teach others to speak in Sindhi fluently.
  • If you have a Sindhi Website or Sindhi group - tell us - we shall link it on our website and talk about it etc.

Sindhi Database

There is an urgent need to build a complete data base on Sindhis and Sindhi activities. This data is required to be freely available to all the SINDHIS on internet.

The need to build / update such a database is due to the fact that we cannot associate ourselves with any land /State that will promote our culture - literature, music and other fine arts. Imagine a situation when you wish to invite some Sindhi Artists to perform in your city or want to know more about Sindhi activities. You can search this data base. This way the artists will be promoted and/or the organization will get recognition, encouraging new people to get attracted to that activity.

Details about any activity should be complete in all the respect. The standard information needed will be name / address / telephone nos / email id / active since / person in-charge / nature of activity etc

  • Associations, Registered / Non Registered Panchayats of Area, City, Town etc
  • Dharamshalas and any other places of abode
  • Sindhi Education institutions offering free education and scholarships
  • Sindhi Charitable Organizations, Registered / Non Registered & Nature of their Work
  • Hospitals run by Sindhis
  • Colleges and Schools run by Sindhis
  • Elder Homes by Sindhis
  • Sindhi Classes run by Registered / Non Registered Organizations
  • Sindhis associated with Sports/ Politics/ Marriage Bureaus/ Sindhi Newspapers/ Sindhi Magazines etc.
  • Sindhi Cultural activities regularly done in the city you live or know about.
    • We also wish to build/update databases of Writers, Poets, Artists, Stage, Media, Film, Actors, Singers, and Music Directors etc. This is to make information available to Sindhis All OVER the world through the Sindhi Sangat website. The information should be Name / Address / Email ID / Telephone / Known in the field of / received awards / Details of awards / Performances given so far / Photo of Artist etc. Give us details of all the artists in your city. We can help in promoting those artists and performers.

      We also require your participation to update a database. Please visit, it gives details of Writers, singers, Artists, Educationist etc. appearing in the book titled as 'Promoters and Preservers of Sindhyat' available on this link. This book was published March 2003 by Mr. Bhagwan Bhagchandani and was sponsored by Sheila Gopal Foundation. The information in this book needs to be updated. Eg: Many writers might have written additional books or received awards. We would like to have the complete current details. We want our Sindhi Saathis to send us updated information which will be included on Sindhi Sangat website.

      There can be information about other areas of interest. You can always email us and clarify. Sindhis should participate in cultural activities and encourage your own children, friends, relatives to attend cultural programmes. Sindhis do not reside in one State in India. Let us link the Sindhis together through the Internet, websites, links, facebook, YouTube, social network etc.

      So let us make an effort to work jointly for promotion of Sindhi Language.

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