Jhankaar - A Grand Evening of Sindhi Music & Dance

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Jhankaar (A Grand Evening of Sindhi Music & Dance)

Vipin Shewani, from Hind and Deeba Sehar from Sindh

Along with Ashok Sundrani & Seema Motwani of Laughter Challenge

and dances & performances

2nd November, 2007


Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Indian High School, Dubai

Vipin Shewani
Deeba Sehar
Ashok Sundrani
Seema Motwani

Report in Sindhi

Event Organized by Asha Chand

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Report in English

Jhankaar Rocks Dubai
By Reshma Tahiliani Gales of laughter gushed out of the huge doors of the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium in Dubai while the Sindhi community broke into raucous laughter. Two artistes Ashok Sundrani and Seema Motwani of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge spun fun from the everyday situations and related comic anecdotes which were enhanced by the equally amusing expressions and skillful body language. So strong was their entertaining grip on the 1000+ seated audience, that the gathering wished the evening could prolong further.

Jhankaar's immense entertaining value was also created by the melody of Vipin Shewani and Deeba Sehar who mesmerized the audience with their catchy tunes, melodious voices and powerful lyrics inspired by the great poets of the Sufi Sindh era.

Social heavyweights such as Murij Manghnani and Ram Buxani, Dada Nathumal, Dr. Butaney etc. were present amongst the audience. The event organiser and anchor lady Asha Chand held the audience captive between electrifying dance performances staged by the resident youth in Dubai. These dances were choreographed by local artistes Mahesh, Moomal and Sapna to the tune of recently remixed Sindhi songs presented in the CD Muhinnji Shehzadi, which was released.

Sindhi Sangat has started Sindhi Telefilms which are being shown from Doordarshan in their weekly programme Sindhi Surhaan on Every Sunday. Two of these telefilms Zindagi Tuhinji Muhinji and Zehar Pyar Jo were released as DVDs on the event which are now available at Al Mansoor Video and Spinney's Audio & Video.

Murij Manghnani officially released Asha Chand's latest telefilms Zindagi Tuhinji Muhinji and Zehar Pyar Jo on DVD.

Mrs. Noor Ul Hudda Shah the creative director HUM TV [Pakistan] released the Surahee Shaam Sangeet Jee, the live recording of the variety programme held last year in March 2006 and also the Audio CD Muhinji Shehzadi.

Asha Chand, the woman on a mission to promote & revive the Sindhi language, has been organizing entertainment events in Dubai for her community for the past nine years and has always been appreciated for her relentless efforts. Her events provide a great platform for the local youth to showcase their talents and dancing skills. "Jhankaar" was a confluence of singers from India and Pakistan belting out songs in the common Sindhi language.

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