Promoters & Preservers of Sindhyat

Goverdhan Namdev Sharma

Title if any : ‘Ghayal’
Birth Date: 01-12-1937
Place of Birth: Mehar,  Sind (Pakistan)
Academic Attainments :M.A., Shikshaka Sanad
Permanent Residential Address :
Flat No.1, Sadichchha Apts.,
Deccan College Road, Yerwada,
Occupation/ Profession: Retired as Head,  Dept. of Hindi, Indian High School, Dubai (U.A.E.)

1.    Uhe Maaur Bhali Murkan (Let Those Mothers Smile), Sindhi Poetry, 1964.
2.    Koonjun Thyun Kunikan  (Sound of Birds), Sindhi
       Poetry, 1967.
3.    Kalam Jo Sipahi (Soldier of Pen), Sindhi Poetry, 1973.
4     Meree Chundee (Small Savings), Sindhi Poetry, 1998.
5.    Tukda Tukda Ninda (Bits & Pieces), Sindhi Poetry,  2001.

Written, staged, acted and directed several one act plays.  A few significant are detailed below:
1.    Maa Bulati Hai (Mother is calling), Translation of late Harikant’s play Aakhir Jeet Asanji.
2.    Makan Khali Ahe (The House is Vacant).
3.    Umar  Maruee, Folk Tale of Sind.

Recognition By Way Of Awards/ Honours :
    Silver Medal  for literary contributions, 1975, (At Pune, by Dr. Datovaman Potdar).
    Gold Medal, 1992 (At Dubai).

i)    Jointly edited books (1) Bewas Hik Abhyas (1972), Bodh Shanas  (1978), Bewas-Darshan (1980).
ii)   Worked as General Secretary of Sindhi Sahitya Sabha,  Pune for 15 years.  At present, he is President of Sindhi Adabi Sabha, Pune.

He is recognised as a noted poet of Sindhi community and is fully conversant with the technique in Sindhi Poetry.  He essentially is lyricist.

He is a freelance journalist for several Sindhi, Hindi & English newspapers and magazines.  He has organised and participated in national Sindhi Seminars and mushairas.

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