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Dr. Dayal Kotumal Dhameja

Title if any : Dayal ‘Asha’
Birth Date: 16-12-1936
Place of Birth: Khairpur Mirs,  Sind (Pakistan)
Academic Attainments :M.A. Ph.D., D. Litt. 
Permanent Residential Address :
Swami Shanti Prakash Niwas
Ulhasnagar – 421 005

Occupation/ Profession: Retired Principal Chandibai
Mansukhani College, Ulhasnagar

Dayal Asha has written several books.  A few most significant are given below:
1.    ‘Shall Sada Lal Jaman’ (Let such jewels take birth ever).
2.    ‘Dada Jashan Vaswani’s Jeevan’ (Glimpses of Dada Jashan’s life).
3.    ‘Bapu-a-Je Baugh Mein’ (In the Garden of Bapu ).
4.    ‘Sindhi Kavyon ki Hindi Sadhna’ (Contribution of Sindhi Poets to enrich Hindi Literature).
5.    ‘Aseen Hik Ahyoon’ (We are one).
6.    ‘Baro Acho Ta Gaayoon’ (Children!  let us sing).

Dr Dahayal Asha has received 25 Awards/ Honours so far.   A few most significant are given below:
    ‘UNESCO’ Award for the manuscript ‘Shal Sada Lal Jaman’, 1969 (At New Delhi by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India).
•    Award for significant literary contributions, 1997 (At New Delhi by Delhi Sindhi Academy).
    ‘Sindhu Ratna’ Award twice, 1996 and 2000 (by Delhi & Bhopal based organisation.
    ‘Jhulelal’ Award for outstanding contribution to Sindhi literature, 2001 (At Mumbai by International Sindhi Panchayat Federation).
•    Awarded first prize for the Book ‘Baaro Acho Ta Gaayoon’, (At New Delhi by NCERT at National competition for children’s literature).
•    Award for significant contribution to Sindhi Literature, 2001 (At Mumbai by Priyadarshani Academy).

Dayal Asha is connected with Several literary, social, cultural & religious organisations.  A glimpse of few is given below:
(i)   He was the first Honorary Prof. Emeritus in Sindhi, Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board, Mumbai.
(ii)  He was the Chairman, Board of Studies in Sindhi University of Mumbai.
(iii) He was the Chairman, Bureau of Text Books in Sindhi, Govt. Of Maharashtra.

Dr. Dayal Asha is a very popular personality, attached to many social cultural and religious institutions, more particularly to Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram, Ulhasnagar.

Dayal is a poet and also a singer, who primarily entertains religious gatherings. He has devoted greater part of his life in the educational field.  He reached the highest position of the Principal, Chandibai Masukhlani College, at Ulhasnagar from where he has retired recently at few years back.

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