Churning The Sea

Churning The Sea

By Prof. Dr. Satish Rohra

There is an allegorical tale about the churning of the sea in the Hindu mythology as advised by Lord Brahma. Both gods and demons churned the sea in order to get nectar out of it. After toiling hard, they were finally bestowed with the nectar, which conferred immortality. Along with the nectar, they also churned out poison enough to destroy the whole creation. They were perplexed as to what should be done with this deadly substance which threatened their existence.

Finally, Lord Shiva came to their rescue and by depositing the poison in his throat saved all the human beings from destruction. On consuming the poison, Shiva's throat assumed a blue shade and since then he is called 'Neelkanth' or 'the blue-throated'

Today, the Sindhi community is facing a similar crisis of extinction. The existence of its literature, language and culture is on the peril. It is the need of the hour that with the churning wheel of action, we too churn the sea of ideas and obtain the nectar of a conscientious behavior to keep the identity and the existence of the Sindhi Community alive. It is inevitable, that in the process, we might also extract poison along with the nectar, and a chosen few would have to consume the poison in order to save the humanity from extinction.

But who will bell the cat? Who will take up the initiative of churning the sea? And above all, who will gather courage to become the 'neelkanth' and give humanity a new light?

In the rapidly changing world of today, we are living in the times where, no one would be ready to prepare curd out of milk and then churn it in order to make butter. Everyone wishes to get instant ice cream from milk which is still not boiled. Benefits, rewards, laurels and honors, without any hard work, are welcomed with open arms!

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