Mr. Mohan Gehani

Date of Birth:- January 20th 1938.
Place of Birth:- Karachi (Sind).
Educational qualifications: - MA.

Literary Activities:

  • Published first short story in 1955 in Naeen Duniyan ( A progressive literary Magazine)
  • Active participant in Sindhi Sahit Mandal (Sindhi writer’s organization at Bombay) and remained joint secretary for three years.
  • Attended first Asian writers conference as a member of Sindhi delegation held at New Delhi in December 1956.
  • Connected with SINDHIYAT MOVEMENT- A MOVEMENT TO PRESERVE Sindhi identity and inclusion of Sindhi language in 8th Schedule of Indian constitution. Actively participated in organizing All India Sammelans.
  • Was one of the key persons behind starting of Socio-cultural- literary, weekly Sindhu Dhara. Continued to write stories, satires and articles for Naeen Duniyan and Sindhu Dhara.
  • Attended numerous seminars at All India level and contributed Papers. Delivered key note addresses at number of seminars and presided over numerous occasions.
  • Served as one of member of Jury of Sahitya Akademi awards - and MP Sindhi Sahitya Academy awards.
  • Member of advisory board for Sindhi- Sahitya Akademi- New Delhi. (2007-12).

Books Published:

  • Popata Pakdinde (Chasing Butterflies) Poetry.
  • Sindh Jo Ithas-(Jhalkoon) (Glimpses of History of Sind). This book has been translated into Hindi as well in English. This book was awarded by National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language.
  • Ja Chityam Chit Mein (What I brooded over) A Book of literary essays.
  • Muhinjo Nagar Kahido. (Where is my City?) Poetry.
  • Sindhiyat Jo safar ( co-authored with Mr. Kirat Babani and Hari Pankaj ( An account of 50 years of Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli and Sahit Sabha- and about Sindhiyat movement).
  • Ta kwaban Jo Chha Thindo (collection of Plays and ballets) Awarded by Sahitya Akademi -2011.
  • Rina Pat Mein (Poetry).
  • Monograph Poati Hiranadani In English under series Makers of Indian Literature Published by Sahitya Akademi (1913).
  • Brittle ice- Sindhi poems by Mohan Gehani translated in English- Edited by Ms. Menka Shivdasani 2015 ( Published by Copper coin Publishing Pvt Ltd. Delhi.)
  • Monograph on Prabhu Wafa (English) under the series Makers of Indian literature Published by Sahitya Akademi. (2015).
  • Tiral Pkharial Pana ( Scattered Papers) in Sindhi. Published by Indian Institute of Sindhology Adipur- Kutch Gujrat. (1913).
  • Desert Blooms Here ( English) An account of development of Kandala- Gandhidham- Adipur (E Book at sindhisangat.com Artcles/Books).
  • Scripted two ballets Sindhudhara and Zala kadhen zera kadhen Zabara for Anila Sunder's dance troupe.
  • Contributed to Encyclopedia of Indian Literature Published by Sahitya Akademi.
  • Translated Sami's Shalokas with Ms. Menka Shivdasani for anthology published By Panguin Books.
  • Desert Land to Home Land- in English (The land that could have been Sind – A narrative of establishment of Kandla, Gandhidham and Adipur) published by: Indian Institute of Sindology. Forward by Maharao of Kutch. ( 2015 )

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