Abida Parveen - Live In Concert

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By: Mohan Gehani

12th April will remain a memorable evening for Dubai Sindhis when the queen of Melody stole the hearts of 1600 Dubai Sindhis while performing at the Shaikh Rashid Auditorium of the Indian High School. She weaved such a magical atmosphere and established a communion with the audience where everyone seemed to be totally immersed in the music.

Her rendering of songs of Bhagat Kanwaram and Master Chander were indeed enthralling. By this, she not only earned acclaim but reinforced the secular aspect of Sindhi Music also, where by refusing to divide Sindhi music along communal Lines. Her emphasis on Sufi music and Sufi values, which forms the core of Sindhis culture, is indeed a great service to Sindhi community. Her role in this respect is magnificent to say the least.

Rendering of two songs of Bhagat Kanwaram 'Nale Alkah je' and 'Kean Rijhanyan' created lightning effect among the audience, whereas the famous song of Tajal Bewas 'Sindh Munhiji aman.' and Sheikh Ayaz's marching song 'Sindhri te sir ker na dhindo' brought tears in many eyes in among the audience. When she sang Narayan Shyam's song in which one para says' May it not happen that one would read in books\s that once there was Sindh and Sindhi language.' A sob escaped from many in the audience and so were many stunned for any reaction.

Every one felt a jolt when the programme came to an abrupt end, but very soon realised that they have been listening to Abida Parveen for nearly three hours.

On the 13th April Abida Parveen rendered Urdu and Punjabi songs.The ambassador of India to U.A. E. Mr. K. C. Singh was amongst the appreciative audience. Suresh Keswani (M.P) was also present. Abida sang for four hours meeting the requests of the listeners and in the end all the audience gave her a standing ovation clapping for many minutes continuously for such a soul satisfying evening.

This programme was organised by Asha Chand and Bhakti Rangwani.
Main sponsor was M/s Jumbo Electronics and among the Co-sponsors were M/s Versons and M/s Cosmos.Both the concerts were very well presented and compered by Asha Chand.

About Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen - a name shines brightly in the music galaxy of the sub-continent. Though she is a versatile singer, Sufi music is her forte - a tradition of hundreds of years that seems to have seeped into her very being and soul. She sings with gay abandon - fully absorbed - nay lost in her music and her booming voice rising and following a regular rhythm immediately weaves a spell and establishes a communion, which results in uplifting ecstatic experiences leading to spiritual awareness - a rare phenomena in today's world of a mad rush for materialism.

Her contribution to singing Urdu Ghazals has been noteworthy. She has imported the feeling of a gushing stream to rendering of Urdu Ghazal. Eminent Urdu poet Kaifi Azmi has aptly remarked - "Abida Parveen has given new life to Ghazals - her rendition of spiritual Sufi songs has given new dimensions to the art of Kafi and Ghazal singing."

Abida Parveen as a child had early education from her father Master Ghulam Haider Khan, later she was trained under Ustad Salem Ali Khan of Patiala Gharana. Much of the credit of her grooming goes to her late husband Shaikh Ghulam Husain who was a music director of Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad. She has vastly travelled abroad enthralling her audiences wherever she goes. She has a dedicated following. She is not new to Dubai.

She has performed in this city on numerous earlier occassions.

She has been bestowed many awards notable among them are:

  • Shah Abdul Latif Gold Medal
  • Sind Graduate Association Gold Medal
  • Sachal Sarmast Gold Medal
  • Pakistan Television Award
  • Qalander Lal Shahbaz Gold Medal
  • President's Gold Medal Award for Pride of Performances.

Abida Parveen is indeed a spiritual daughter of great poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, the greatest classical poet of Sindh.

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