Big Opportunity For Teaching Sindhi


Sindhi Sangat is Announcing a big opportunity for Sindhi Teachers to Teach Sindhi (Arabic) Language online.

Catch them young. They pick up things very fast because the brain is like a sponge, It absorbs information very fast. Children can learn 8 languages when they are young less than eight years old. As a parent, you must enroll https://cutt.ly/YEt9Y2i in this program by filling the Google form today.

Learning Sindhi on Zoom Classes

Today Learning on Zoom classes is popular and common for students of all ages. Sindhi Sangat has announced classes on zoom for Learning your mother tongue Sindhi. Our teacher Priyanka Budhani will use modern audio visual methods like mobile App, specially prepared software to teach Sindhi. Watch the video for more information. Students from 5 years to 25 years should enrol on the form provided.

Please click here to fill in the form.


First Sindhi Digital Channel is launched by MS. SIMRAN AHUJA TODAY. We wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year on this day of Cheti Chand* Watch



Aims, Goals & Mission Statement


Sindhi Sangat is a non-profit organization of repute registered in Mumbai. It was founded in the year 2000 to create awareness of and to promote Sindhi language, culture and heritage.

In absence of a Sindhi state, our community is widely scattered. It is our endeavor to create a virtual bond amongst stateless Sindhi community and to unite them the virtual platform of the internet and media. Our activities include TV Productions, Music Videos, Webcasts, Sindhi Learning Programs and related applications for Computers, Mobiles and on the Internet.

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